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177 State Street, Suite 5
Boston, MA 02109-2724

phone AND text: 781.355.7794  f: 781.281.9241

Caring, Effective Estate Planning & Administration

We are available both in the office and via remote conferencing, for your convenience.  Please contact us by email, or call OR text at 781.355.7794.
Note also that our fax # has changed - it is now 781-281-9241

Estate & Trust

From basic to sophisticated, your Wills and Trusts express your intentions regarding your family's financial and psychological well-being.  The process of examining, discovering, and committing to paper these intentions are what estate planning is about.  

Estate & Trust

The importance of the proper  implementation of the estate plan cannot be over-emphasized.  We understand the overall plan and the attention to detail required to properly implement your plan.

Digital Asset


Evolving and crucial, the ownership of and access to our email, You-Tube channels, Amazon accounts, blogs, and the like demand attention equal to that given to our financial assets.   


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