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Estate & Trust Administration

Implementing your plan 

        Once estate planning documents have been signed, the plan needs to be implemented.  A well-designed and well-drafted estate plan is only as effective as the quality of its implementation. 


        Some plans need no implementation during the grantor's lifetime, while others call for annual attention. All plans, of course, demand active implementation when the granor has died - some for a short time, and some for many years.  

        You should contact your counsel every few years (and when major change occurs) to review and make appropriate updates.

        These are some of the areas related to practical estate and trust implementation...  

  • Lifetime Administration

    • Insurance Trust    

    • Gifting

      • Outright Gifts

      • Gifts in Trust

    • Guardianships/Conservatorships

    • Family Limited Partnerships 

    • Powers of Attorney

    • Health Care & End of Life 


  • Post-death Administration

    • Decedent's Estates​

      • Immediate Issues

      • Probate Assets

      • Non-Probate Assets

      • Estate Tax Returns

      • Income Tax Returns

      • Retirement Accounts

    • On-going Trust Administration

      • Trusts for Surviving spouse

      • Trusts for children/grandchildren

      • Special Needs Trusts


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