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Law Office of Kenneth S. Federman, LLC

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The Law Office of Kenneth S. Federman. LLC (the “Firm”) provides the content of its website (the “Site”) for the convenience of its users.  Use the of the Site constitutes the understanding and agreement by the user that (i) use does not imply or constitute an attorney-client relationship, (ii) the content of the Site is presented in as “as is” basis, (iii) no warranty or guarantee is made regarding the accuracy or the appropriateness of the content to any specific user(s), (iv) Site content or its use does not constitute legal or other professional advice or services, and (v) Site content may not be used as a substitute for consultation with legal, accounting, tax, and/or other professional advisors.

No user should post or communicate any personal or confidential information on or via the Site, or via email to the Firm (whether such email is linked to the Site or otherwise).

The Firm offers a secure portal for communication with its clients and appropriate individuals related to client


The Firm disclaims any representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the Site or its contents.

In addition to the above, the Firm makes no representation or warranty and assumes no liability or responsibility with regard to links to/from other websites and/or their content.

Information contained on the Site may be considered advertising under the Rules of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

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