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Estate & Trust Planning

Planning your estate to reflect your values and priorities

  • While each estate plan is unique, all estate plans boil down to (i) determining what you want to accomplish and (ii) putting it on paper.  The following are some of the areas we can assist with...

  • ​Personal Protection

    • Asset Protection Trust 

    • Rental Real Estate

    • Business Interests

    • Asset Management during Disability

    • Nursing Home Planning

  • Protection of Your Beneficiaries

    • Orderly distribution of assets

    • Protection of minor children 

    • Protection of (dis)abled adults

    • Protection from unwise spending

    • Protection from lack of asset management skills

    • Protection from potential creditors 

    • Protection from estate tax and income tax

    • Charitable Endeavors

  • Documentation and Action Steps (or, how to put your plan into action)...   

    • Wills

    • Beneficiary Designations

    • Revocable Trusts

    • Gifting; Outright Gifting; Gifting via an Irrevocable Trust   

      • General Considerations 
      • ​Gifts to Family Members 

      • Gifts to Charitable Entities

      • Life Insurance Trust

      • Special Needs Trust

      • Medicaid Trust

    • Power of Attorney

    • Health Care Proxy

    • Guardianship/Conservatorship​

      • (Dis)abled adults

      • Minors​ 

    • Digital Assets  

    • Pets

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